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Chuck Gross

Nutrition and Fitness Coach (Pn1, ACE-PT, OTC) at HEMA Strong
Fitness Mentor – Broken Plow Western Martial Arts
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My training background begins with farm life, where I learned the valuable lessons of hard work, a strong willpower, and that you get what you put into it. As an avid practitioner and instructor of H.E.M.A. (Historical European Martial Arts) fitness has been a very important aspect of my daily life. I strive to reach the peak of my own performance for each and every competition I go to, which has lead to me achieving a league championship in 2016.

With a strong background in strength training, I have worked hard to develop my skill set in coaching and expanding my knowledge base to include muscle testing, power-building, explosives training, as well as pain management for back issues. I have been successful in helping several clients navigate advanced medical issues in their training, ranging from Osteoporosis to arthritis, full knee replacements, and nerve damage. As well as coaching and preparing professional athletes for the trails of a long season. I truly believe that exercise and more specifically training has large benefits for people from all walks of life, no matter how young, or how old, no matter what conditions may ail them.

I believe that fitness and health are obtained with two key aspects working together. That is dedication, this is different from motivation, in that motivation comes and goes, but the dedicated keep working. The other one being education. All the well-meaning effort and drive mean very little when you simply do not know what to do. So if you bring your dedication, I will teach you everything I know, and help you walk the path to your fitness goals.

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